Egitura puts its focus on optimizing your body for long term health, all day energy, burning fat, building muscle, releasing stress and regaining lost mobility! Our aim is to guide you to the best training material and the most delicious recipes for a healthy, powerful mind and body.

Egitura is under construction.

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Egitura is in early development.
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Stay tuned for more details! Currently It's a one man team with a lot of ambition. :) I will strive to provide you with some great and simple tools to help you along your journey as well as guide you to the best training methods around, no need to reinvent the wheel. That means starting small and taking it one step at a time. When you subscribe you will be notified when the project launches, when there are updates, new interesting resources or when I would like your input on our future plans.

I would love to assemble a small team of likeminded people. If you are interested in learning more about my plans with this project or working together in some way or in joining the team and/or volunteering to help me get started, feel free to contact me here or via the form below, I would love to hear from you. I can certainly use the help of experienced movement practicioners, nutritional experts, content writers, social marketing specialists and .NET, iOS and android programmers, or people who just want to exchange some ideas and techniques.

Values of the Tribe

Just a few thoughts...

  • Quality over quantity
  • Focus on values. Long term value trumps short term profit.
  • We don't care where you are from, how strong you are or what level you are at, we care about your attitude and we treat each other with respect.
  • We stay true to ourselves and give honest opionons aswell as embrace honest feedback.
  • You can never gain something if you don't sacrifice something of equal value.
  • We look forward to work with and exchange thoughts with like minded people who want to be involved and carry with them a good dose of perserverence, motivation and drive.
  • We believe in perserverence and in training smart! Not that "no pain no gain, push it till you puke" bs. That does not mean one shouldn't push oneself, and build mental thoughness.
  • There is no patent on moving and exercising, nor is there on natural foods and beverages.
  • Perception does not equal reality. There is too much misinformation. We strive to deliver information that has stood the test of time. We learn from our mistakes and we will adjust our knowledge accordingly when new knowledge becomes available or apparent to us.
  • A lot of valualble information can be found for free, as we believe it should. Though to keep projects like this alive some form of income will be necessary at one point.
  • There is no need to reinvent the wheel. There are many experts in our fields that have unique ways of teaching the most valuable information. We will encourage 3rd party programs regardless wheter we receive commission for it or not. Any of these programs we at Egitura encourage are programs that we fully believe in and have been thouroughly tested and validated by us. Some of them might contain affiliation codes, so we can get a bit of income out of them aswell. There is too much valueable information many people have not discovered yet and we believe in the use of helping to spread this information.
  • Don't be satisfied with old stories of your past, unfold a new legacy!
  • Your expectations determine what is going to happen. Your thoughts are your aiming device.
  • Sometimes you just don't feel like being consistent, do it anyway! Go for 100% commitment. It's easyer than 90% commitment. Feel like it or not, just do it anyway. One step at a time. The road to skill is marked with babysteps.
  • We believe in the basics, the fundamentals. Conquering the fundamentals is key to longevity.
  • Pay attention, even to the little things, the details.
  • Your morning start will generate the flow of the day.